About Us

The UAE Resuscitation Council is a scientific and educational foundation working independently to provide healthcare professionals and the lay community with modern up to date programs in the field of resuscitations, both basic and advanced; the council provides and supervises resuscitation programs with current internationally guidelines and protocols in resuscitations.

In the last few years, with new advances in technology, medications and techniques, the process of resuscitation has expanded and refined to better handle patients in the need of resuscitation.

A uniform standardized team approach to resuscitation is needed in all health care facilities, pre-hospital, in-hospital or clinic setting. This need for “uniform” standardized team approach “ to resuscitation has stimulated UAE health care professionals to establish the UAE Resuscitation Council to provide a nongovernmental program concerned with resuscitation education, training, and supervision for quality resuscitation patient care.

The UAE Resuscitation Council will provides guidelines, protocols, education and training to the health care and lay communities to effectively perform resuscitation.UAE Resuscitation Council will work independently and efficiently to promote the status of resuscitation and collaborate with International Liaison Committee On Resuscitation (ILCOR).